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When it comes to determining the best profession, computer programmers typically are among the highest-paid professionals in business.

Vikacode can help you gain the coaching you need to be qualified for the professional field.

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Our Features


From Basic to Advance

Offer courses that cater to individuals at all levels of expertise. It helps you learn to code from basic to advanced levels. 

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Highly quality courses

These courses are designed by experts who have years of experience working in their respective fields.

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Flexible study schedule

You won't have any deadlines or self-imposed restrictions like which programming language to begin.

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Provide variety of courses

From web development, database, to security, we have you covered that will get anyone ready for a career in coding.

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Our Services


Responsive Web Design Course

This advanced Node and Express curriculum comes with Node and Express education. You will learn how to use HelmetJS and Chai.


Front End Libraries Course

You'll learn everything from fundamental HTML and HTML 5 to Basic CSS, CSS Flexbox, and CSS Grid when enrolled in this course.


JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Course

Initially, you will learn the Basics of web app coding, but will then progress toward intermediate knowledge.


Information Security and Quality Assurance Course

Get the essential Node and Express skills, as well as learn how to work with npm and MongoDB and Mongoose.


Data Visualisation Course

This course's curriculum covers several major Front-End Library software, including jQuery, React, and Bootstrap.


APIs and Microservices Course

You will be shown the fundamental data analysis skills, like how to use 3D visualization and JSON APIs, and Ajax.


Coding Interview Preparation

You may use this list of questions to talk about various subjects, such as algorithms and Project Euler.



USD 74

30 days access

3-days trial / 4 USD

- Develop your expertise with valuable skills

- Interview Practice Questions

- Custom Studying Pace

- Premium Support

- Setup of reminder emails

- Progress tracking

- Early access to new features


USD 44

14 days access

4-days trial / 4 USD

- Develop your expertise with valuable skills

- Interview Practice Questions

- Custom Studying Pace

- Support Available

- Setup of reminder emails

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